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The Faculty of Arts of Charles University is the traditional centre of Czech learning. It was established as the Faculty of Liberal Arts by the Foundation Charter issued on 7 April 1348 by Charles IV. Its prestige is founded on an unrivalled number of fields of study – altogether more than seventy – and on the depth and demands of the study and its selective nature. Graduates are excellently prepared to fill prominent positions in science, culture and politics. The Faculty of Arts provides instruction in the largest number of humanities among all the institutions in the Czech Republic and it is the only European faculty where all the languages spoken in EU member states can be studied (in different ways). Thanks to the seven hundred top teaching and research staff, the faculty enjoys a status of the most important Czech humanities-oriented educational institution which continuously presents new and innovative ideas in different fields, thus following a centuries’ old tradition. For more go to



The Publishing House of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University publishes specialised monographs, university textbooks and scholarly periodicals specialising in different humanities. Books are published in six edition series: Opera Facultatis philosophicae Universitatis Carolinae Pragensis (representative works from all branches of social sciences), Fontes (historical books), Humanitas (sciences dealing with society and education), Mnemosyne (art sciences), Trivium (works on philology and philosophy) and Varia (grant-funded publications). The publisher also brings out thirteen periodical titles and distributes publications and journals prepared by individual faculty departments and institutes, including the philosophical and philological periodicals Acta Universitatis Carolinae. For more go to

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