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Egon Hostovský a jeho radosti života (pdf)

ISBN 978-80-7308-765-4
Publisher Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2018
Author Olga Hostovská, Václav Sádlo, Barbora Svobodová
The series Mimo řady (pdf)
Pages 104
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A biography of one of the most important Czech novelists of the 20th century Egon Hostovský. Written by his daughter Olga Hostovská and her two co-authors this work puts together an interesting mosaic of writer's adventurous life. The publication also contains large amount of previously unpublished archive photographs. Initially Egon Hostovský (1908 Hronov - 1973 Montclair, USA) studied philosophy at Faculty of Arts in Prague and at the university in Vienna. After 1930 he started his career as an editor in several publishing houses. In 1937 Hostovský joined the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 1939 he was posted to Brussels, from where, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, he emigrated to Paris, later to Portugal and ultimately to the United States. After World War II he returned to Czechoslovakia and recommenced his work at the Foreign Ministry, but in 1948 was forced into his second exile to the United States, where he worked at first as a Czech language teacher and later as a journalist and editor at Radio Free Europe. Several of his key works were published in English at first, notably: The Hideout (Úkryt, 1943), Seven times the leading man (Sedmkrát v hlavní úloze, 1942), The Midnight Patient (Půlnoční pacient, 1954), The charity ball (Dobročinný večírek, 1957), or The plot (Všeobecné spiknutí, 1961).
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