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Teoreticko-metodologické výhledy současné lingvistiky (pdf)

ISBN 978-80-7308-613-8
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2013
Author Eva Lehečková, Jan Chromý (edd.)
The series Varia (pdf)
Pages 279
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The volume focuses on current development of linguistic theories and methodology. First, these issues are addressed through Czech translations of five English studies that deal with crucial aspects of linguistic research such as the place of empirical research in nowadays linguistics, the relation between linguistics and neuroscience, the approach to linguistic universals and linguistic diversity and computational modelling of linguistic processes. Second, the translations are accompanied by a survey whose respondents are lecturers and participants of Summer School of Linguistics that has been held annually in Dačice since 2007. The survey centers around key questions and intriguing problems in current linguistics, e.g. the development of theories and methodology, the impact of device inovations, the view of linguistic universals, the status of the theory of linguistic relativity and the influence of the research of endangered languages. The third part of the book presents the Summer School of Linguistics itself, its aim and programme of all schools that have been realized so far.

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