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Otevřená hra. Studie z let 2001-2015

Author Hana Šmahelová
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2016
ISBN 978-80-7308-670-1
Series Mnemosyne
Pages 270
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The book is composed of papers and glosses written in 2001-2015, however performing as a homogenous unit with methodological topics of literary history as its focal point. Part of the essays relate to disputable and still unanswered questions of the emancipatory movement in which early 19th century modern Czech literature was formed (e.g.: paradoxes in relations to German literature, the question of bohemism, the ambiguous interpretation of the national identity, etc.). In the broader context of author?s scholar work the presented essays show the gradual formation of the concept of paradigmatic interpretation of literary history closely described in her monograph (In the Network of the history of the National revival literature, 2011). Related to this book are also two papers (The Aspect of totality in the Literature of the national revival and Changes in the Representation of Nationality in Nineteenth -century Literature) that show further methodological potential of the paradigmatic model in tracing historical changes of different cultural phenomena. Theoretical questions of historical reflection also apply to essays focused on specific aspects of works of particular authors (Němcová, Erben, Šalda, Komenský). These mono -thematic interpretative discursions may be taken as a verification of possibilities that philosophical hermeneutics offers to literary history. The same concept is also featured by the closing essay that with respect to the issue of an individual as both subject and object of history points out the pitfall in relation between science and ideology.
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