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Osudná kniha. Tři prózy z doby reformace

Author Karel Sabina
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2013
ISBN 978-80-7308-487-5
Series Varia
Pages 384
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The publication contains three proses of Karel Sabina (1813-1877), one of the most significant Czech novelists, poets, librettists, journalists, thinkers and literary critics of the 19th century. Ruesswurm - the first and the longest of all three stories is a historical novel about Marshal of the emperor Rudolf II. It has never been published and is known only from 1866 newspaper imprint. The second story - Osudná kniha was published only in magazines in 1862. In the same year, the third text contained in this publication - Hyacinth was released as a part of the novel of G. Pfleger Moravský. The two latter stories are short proses being set around the time of the Battle of White Mountain (1620). The public release of all the three texts together complements the Sabina's picture as an author of historical prose. It shows that he was the first Czech author to systematically draw attention of the Czech Fiction of 1860s to the tragic period of the battle of White Mountain. Also, it is notable that although Sabina in his composition and motif does not exceed the boundaries of romantically adventurous historical narrative, the fate of his heroes already refers to a modern time. All the three heroes in his stories live their lives without fulfilling their personal ambitions, nor using all their opportunities. They all resemble the man of modern time as the final result of their existence is vanity. The publication is supplemented with comments that contextualize Sabina's stories in the literary-historical context, revealing and describing methods of his work based on a thorough study of paper documents and books. Extensive editorial report reminds us also of incentives that the study of Sabina's texts can bring into today's editorial practice.
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