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Kultura a totalita. Národ

Author Ivan Klimeš, Jan Wiendl (eds.)
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2013
ISBN 978-80-7308-488-2
Series Varia
Pages 475
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The presents volume is the first of a planned five-volume complet providing a broad treatment of the concept of totality as employed by philosophy, art history, theory of literature and other disciplines. In contributions from historians and theorists of verbal, film, music and theatre art from various departments of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, the book looks as art culture material, primarily from the Czech lands, and offers an interdisciplinary analysis of the various manifestations of ?total? forms and frameworks accompanying the modern era. The book series is organized by thematic focuses: the initial volume, devoted to Nation, will be followed by War, Revolution, Future and The Everyday. All these concepts outline certain formative frameworks. A nation is a community whose members are connected by phenomena such as language, culture, history, education; it is a normative community, highlighting (for instance) the opposition between ?us? and ?them?. The war is an extreme situation wherein states modify the rules of the thus far given order, and constrain and exploit their citizens. Especially the great 20th-century war conflicts had the character of a total war, ready to end an epoch and prepare the ground for the advance of a new era. Revolution - an instance of a historical break in a society's evolution - raises the issue of the old and the novel, and similarly to the war, it has a situative dimension. The future is ultimately linked to mentality; every society in every epoch relates to its future, it serves as a source of arguments in both political and cultural conflicts, and the visions of the future crucially inform culture and the arts. The everyday might appear to be a variegated topic which allows us to strike out in any direction; however, our focus will be its socio-cultural aspects, rigorously linked to analyses of particular artistic and art-historic connections.
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