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Kultura a totalita III. Revoluce

Author Ivan Klimeš, Jan Wiendl (eds.)
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2015
ISBN 978-80-7308-637-4
Series Varia
Pages 513
Current price 395 CZK
Price (Incl.VAT 10 %) 356 CZK
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The present publication is the third volume within a series focused on various manifestations of "total" and "totalitarian" phenomena and frameworks, as they accompany the modern era in its long -term evolution in the 19th and 20th centuries. The previous two volumes were devoted to Nation (2013) and War (2014); The Everyday (2016) and The Future (2017) are to follow. This volume's theme is Revolution, understood as a historical break in the growth of society and as the articulation of a conflict between the old and the new.

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