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Komunikace v textu a s textem

Author Alena Macurová
Publisher Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2016
ISBN 978-80-7308-659-6
Series Opera Facultatis philosophicae
Pages 466
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The volume entitled Komunikace v textu a s textem (Communication in and with a text) contains thirty five studies by Alena Macurová that were originally published between the years 1974 and 2014. The author sees communication as a crucial social activity of human beings that is carried out through texts and that is reflected and modelled in texts as well. A well-developed theory of textual subjects represents a fundamental element of author's theory. Subjects standing outside the text and subjects modelled within the text are distinguished as well as subjects connected with productive and receptive communicative activity. These subjects are joined by subjects modelled within the text. Texts collected in the second part concentrate on questions connected with translation, which is seen as a specific type of interpretation of a text accompanied by a change in the original code and in the context; the manner of reception by the reader in the target culture is also modelled. Part three contains studies that analyse typical features of selected genres - instructions for work, advertisements, and especially private letters. Part four is dedicated to the problem of adaptations (e.g. adaptations of Božena Němcová's fairy tales) and to the research in receptive habits and abilities of readers. The fifth part covers studies in development of stylistics, especially in theories of representatives of Czech structural linguistics and in understanding style as an integrative principle connected with the sense of a text developed by Karel Hausenblas. The sixth part offers selected recent studies analysing written texts by Czech deaf speakers and features of Czech sign language.

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