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K čemu tak velká slova? Staroseverská rytířská literatura I.

Publisher Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2018
ISBN 978-80-7308-870-5
Series Medium
Pages 162
Current price 360 CZK
Price (Incl.VAT 10 %) 324 CZK
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The aim of this book is to introduce the Czech reader to the world of knightly epic at the court of Hákon Hákonarson the Old of Nórway as well as to that of later Icelandic chivalric fiction. Four primary texts were chosen to present the riddarasqgur - two translated (primary) chivalric sagas and two original (secondary) chivalric sagas. The first group is represented by the Erex saga and the páttr Af Runzivals bardaga, the Icelandic texts by the Tristrams saga ok Ísoddar and the Baerings saga fagra. An introductory essay is also included, summarizing the main traits of the genre and its place in the Old Norse literary and cultural tradition. A short bibliography will help readers quickly gain access to selected secondary works and engage with the topic further.

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