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Hlasy míst. Prostor, místo a geografie ve světové poezii

Author Klára Soukupová - Michal Špína (eds.)
Publisher Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2016
ISBN 978-80-7308-677-0
Series Varia
Pages 252
Current price 245 CZK
Price (Incl.VAT 10 %) 221 CZK
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The vast literary material covered in this book shows a number of distinctive aspects concerning modern poems of places. Although there are no fixed genres in 20th and 21st century poetry in this regard, as opposed to the situation of the preceding periods, we can observe several topoi such as mountains, sea or graveyards, and genre aspects that, even though not subject to any strict rules, preserve a certain steadiness. In these poems, the defining presence of the self suggests a wide variety of approaches to a place - from the self as a mediator of the place, place as inspiration and means of reflection, and the question of whether places and our experience of them are no more than anthropomorphised projections backed by an inaccessible reality. Thoughts of language and naming in relation to a place can lead to similar conclusions. Places perceived in radically different perspectives establish a possible communication or reproduction of an experience seemingly unique and inaccessible to another person. These are the issues explored by the authors of this book.
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