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After History

Author Martin Procházka (ed.)
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
Release year 2006
ISBN 80-7308-127-X
Series Litteraria Pragensia Books
Pages 442
Current price 320 CZK
Price (Incl.VAT 10 %) 288 CZK
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This volume represents a selection of papers published in Litteraria Pragensia during the last decade, focusing on developments in new historicism, discourse analysis, mythologies, & foundational texts. Contributors: Mark Poster, Natalie Zemon Davis, Istvan Rev, Stephen Greenblatt, Jerome J. McGann, Denis Bonnecase, Ian Frederick Moulton, Chandra Mukerji, Aleida Assmann, John J. Joughin, Louis Armand, Ondrej Pilny, Nicholas Grene, Clare Wallace, Michael C. Frank, Roger Bromley, Thomas Claviez, Sacvan Bercovitch, Faye Ringel.

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