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A Syntagmaticon of Hindi Verbo-nominal Syntagmas

Author Svetislav Kostic
Publisher Univerzita Karlova v Praze - Nakladatelství Karolinum
Release year 2009
ISBN 978-80-246-1637-7, 0567-8277
Series AUC Philologica Monographia 160
Pages 376
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The subject of analysis in Svetislav Kostić´s monograph is the noun-verb link in Hindi and their syntagmatic relations. These expressions represent, on the one hand, an onomasiological tool - the compound denomination of a verb act; on the other hand, they serve as the source of rich Hindi idiom. A major part of the work is the syntagmaticon, or verbal thesaurus of commented verbonominal expressions (and idioms). The order of the nouns forming the basis of the expressions follows the Hindi Devanagari alphabet. Each syntagma (expression) is equipped with a translation and, in some cases, commentary or equivalent English metaphoric expression.

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